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Pet safety in the summer

Each year, about 6 million lost or abandoned pets find themselves in animal shelters. In the case of cats, less than 2% are found by their owners. Additionally, overburdened and under-resourced shelters are forced to euthanize many of the animals...
laundry pod

Laundry pods toxic to pets

Q: My cat Milo is a "dog cat": He comes when I call, fetches small balls and loves to play with toys. Last week, I caught him batting around a laundry detergent pod. Should I let him play with those...

Cannabis Safety for Cat Parents

Reviewed by: Lizz Caputo Cat aficionados, we're all on the same mission: to carve out a sanctuary that's both happy and healthy for our feline friends. But, here's a curveball—our human-safe havens aren't always a paradise for pets. Enter cannabis....
Cat sitting in grass in yard on July 4th

Cat safety tips for July 4th

Independence Day is a time for summer fun, cookouts, and of course, fireworks. But did you know that reports of lost pets increase by 30% during and just after the holiday? And of those pets reported missing, fewer than 15%...
Cat sitting on front seat of car

Master the Art of Car Travel with Your Cat

Travel season is around the bend, and for many pet parents, that means it’s time to hit the road with their whiskered co-pilots. Whether you’ve recently added a purring member to your crew or you’re an experienced cat chauffeur, journeys...
kitten hiding in basket

How to calm an anxious cat

Any cat parent knows that cats can be highly sensitive creatures. Most of them don’t like change, many are picky eaters, and even the most laid back feline can throw out a hiss if they’re annoyed enough. But what do...
cat and dog playing outside in the grass

No Lyme disease vaccine for cats

Q: My veterinarian doesn't offer Lyme vaccination for my cats, who spend more time outside than my dogs. Is a vaccine available for felines?  A: A vaccine to prevent Lyme disease in cats is not available because it's not clear...
cat playing with puzzle ball on carpet

My cat is bored—what can I do?

Most of us are familiar with the stereotypical image of a modern-day house cat: a cute, vaguely mischievous creature that eats and plays in between 10-hour naps. But the more we learn about cat behavior, the more we’re starting to...

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