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man in white shirt hugging orange cat

10 Must-Have Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gift-giving is an art form, especially when it comes to those who share their lives with a whiskered companion. It's not just about the act of giving but finding that perfect something that captures the essence of cat parenthood. This...
red-haired girl teenager hugs kisses a purring Maine Coon cat, sitting on floor near window at home

Challenging the “Aloof Cat” Stereotype

To those that don’t know or love cats (although we don’t understand how that’s even possible tbh), these little creatures can be quite an enigma: often seen as aloof and uncaring towards their pet parents. On the contrary, cats are...
Man and woman embrace with cat in their arms

How to Date Someone Your Cat Won’t Hate

Discover how to attract fellow cat lovers in the wild with our guide. Learn the secrets to crafting a swipe-worthy dating profile, gaging cat/date compatibility, and ultimately find your cat-enthused match. In the modern dating scene, cat parents face a...
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