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Romantic couple at home share tenderness with cat

Are you a DINKWAC?

Many cat moms and dads begin their mornings with the melodic purrs of an adored feline companion. Whether young professionals navigating a bustling big city or surrounded by nature in a more rural setting, they may live a lifestyle that's...
cat dad hoodie design announcement image

Introducing the Ultimate Father’s Day Merch Drop

Forget everything you thought you knew about cat parenting. This Father’s Day, Felix Cat Insurance is flipping the script with something special for the modern cat dad. We’re proud to unveil our limited-edition Cat Dad Hoodie—a tribute to the growing...
Tattooed Couple On Farm Together. Man carrying cute kitten on his shoulder.

What to Know Before Adopting a Kitten

Kittens are the epitome of cute chaos—adorable, curious, and a whirlwind of energy. But behind those big eyes and tiny paws are some serious challenges. Adopt a Shelter Kitten (or two…or three) Ready to change a kitten's life? Adopting from...
A high angle view shot of a cute bengal cat playing with cat toys at a home in Northeastern England.

Beyond the Bone: The Cat-Centric Product Gap

Think of your favorite pet store. The aisles are filled with an array of pet products—colorful toys, high-tech gadgets, and stylish accessories, but all for dogs. As we wander further, it becomes clear that our little lions often have far...
A person using a desktop computer with a cat lying

Whiskers at Work: The Many Roles of Cats

From barn cats keeping pests at bay to therapy cats providing comfort, our feline friends are proving they're more than just nap masters. These cats at work span various roles — from 9-to-5 felines to social media moguls — showcasing...
Cat on table with plants around

These Houseplants Won’t Hurt Your Cat

Let’s talk cat-friendly plants – the greenery that invites tranquil vibes into your home without endangering your kitty’s health. This guide isn't just about keeping your indoor garden flourishing; it’s about aligning your love for plants with your cat's well-being....
Devon Rex Cat Using Portable Closed Litter Box at Home.

Tofu Cat Litter Is the Hottest Eco-Friendly Trend

In an age where being green is trendier than ever, pet parents are sniffing around for the best eco-friendly products. Tofu cat litter is the latest player to strut onto the pet care scene, but is it just a flash...
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