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Portrait of a beautiful female artist painting in her studio with a cat in her lap

Make “Cat Lady” Cool: Unpacking Tropes and Stereotypes

In the collective imagination, few characters are as vividly sketched and widely recognized as the "cat lady."—a woman defined by her surplus of cats and lack of human companionship. Far from being a modern invention, this archetype has roots that...
Frightened, the little cat hid under the table, she sat down on a chair and looks curiously to one side. Close-up.

Is Your Feline Freaked? Decoding Cat Stress Signals

At Felix, understanding your whiskered friend goes beyond the purrs and cuddles. We’re diving into a topic that often leaves even the most seasoned cat parents scratching their heads—cat stress. Yes, your zen-looking kitty can experience stress, and it's more...
cat headbutting male owner with tail curled

Understand Your Cat’s Tail Talk

Cats are known for their mysterious nature, but did you know that their tails hold clues to understanding their emotions and intentions? By learning to decipher cat body signals, particularly those related to their tails, you can deepen your bond...
cat laying down with both legs in casts

Love Without Bounds: Caring for Specially-Abled Cats

At Felix we know this to be an unwavering truth: cats deserve love and care. And like us, cats can face chronic health challenges or disabilities. From mobility hurdles to sensory impairments, these remarkable cats teach us resilience, adaptability, and...
Man sitting on sofa with domestic animals. Pet owner stroking his old cat and dog together.

Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

Revised by: Lizz Caputo Cartoons have long pitted dogs against cats in an endless loop of chases, with phrases like 'fighting like cats and dogs' fueling the rivalry myth. But let's cut through the cartoon capers and get real—what's the...
Young woman playing with her cat at home.

Cat Safety in a Changing Climate: Extreme Weather Prep

In recent years, we've witnessed a noticeable shift in weather patterns, with extreme weather becoming more frequent and intense. While this risk increases and is incredibly concerning to humans, as responsible cat parents, we also need to consider our feline...
Cat playing with boxes and toys

Why Does Your Cat Crave Their Own Space?

Ever noticed how your cat seems to have a PhD in finding the highest spot in the room or the coziest hidden nook? Well, it turns out there's more to their quirky hide-and-seek games than just cat whimsy. Beyond their...
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