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Cat getting pet by woman in kitchen
Cat getting pet by woman in kitchen

As the days are finally getting longer and flowers start to bloom, you know what time it is – spring is in the air! But wait, before you grab the mop and broom, let’s talk about spring cleaning when it comes to your cat.

If you’re like us and share your space with a feline or two (or three, or four…), you know this isn’t just about tidying up; it’s an art, especially when it comes to all that fur.

Maintaining a clean environment for both you and your cat is crucial. Cats are naturally clean animals and don’t like it when their area (ie: your home and especially their litter area) is messy or dirty.

Prep the Kingdom

  • Make a Checklist: Start with a simple checklist. Identify all those nooks and crannies that demand attention, including the cat’s favorite haunts like litter boxes and cozy nap spots.
  • Safe Scrubbing: Go for cat-safe cleaning products. Cats are curious creatures, and the last thing we want is them tiptoeing over freshly cleaned surfaces with questionable chemicals. Nature’s Miracle is among several brands that offer a whole range of options when it comes to keeping your home clean while keeping it safe for your cat.
  • Litter Box Love: Refresh your cat’s throne. Consider upgrading to a self-cleaning litter box. Always fresh box = a happy cat (and a happy you!) When choosing a self-cleaning litter box, be sure to consider its size, where it’ll go in your home, as well as the noise level when it does its cleaning. Some cats may not be into it, so gauge by their personality as well. You know your cat best.
  • Claim Your Space: Designate cat-free zones while you clean, and keep it closed off. Provide them with food, water, and access to a litter box.

They could get stressed by the noise, or their curiosity could get the best of them in the middle of carpet cleaning. Trust us; your cat might view your mop as a mysterious new playmate. It’s easier to do a deep clean without Mr. Whiskers needing to see what’s going on.

Do You Have the Right Cleaning Supplies?

Maintaining a clean and cat-friendly home requires the right tools. Here’s a list of essential cleaning items every cat owner should have before they get to cleaning:

Cat-Safe Cleaning Products

Pet-Safe Floor Cleaners: Safe for use on floors where your cat walks or lounges. You can even DIY it if you want, using the ol’ vinegar and water trick. While the smell can be overwhelming, it’s safe for cats.

Surface Disinfectants: No matter how hard you try, kitty wants to be where you don’t want them, and that includes the countertops. Vinegar and water can work well here again, or if you want to have something on hand, this multi-purpose cleaner can do the trick. With no syntheticanythingadded—it’s safe for both your cat and your kid.

Fabric Sprays: While cats are clean, they can make stinky messes. This enzyme spray helps clean up accidents outside of the litter box, and any other kind of mess your cat makes. This is also a helpful stain remover—bonus!

Lint Rollers

Having lint rollers on hand is a must for any cat parent, especially when it comes to your clothing. But it can also be a quick fix for sofas or chairs, wherever kitty likes to lounge.

Air Purifiers

HEPA Filtration filters can help capture tiny particles, including pet dander and airborne allergens—keeping your air cleaner and helping you breathe easier.

Activated carbon filters can also help absorb any kitty-related odor to keep your air fresh.

Let’s Get Started With a Deep Clean

Kick off your spring cleaning with a deep scrub. Dust, vacuum, and wipe down surfaces, paying extra attention to areas where your cat spends the most time. Don’t forget the baseboards!

Declutter Your Cat’s Domain

Over time, cat toys, beds, and blankets can accumulate. Declutter your cat’s belongings and throw out worn-out items that can’t be donated or recycled.

If you have gently used items your cat no longer needs, like towels or blankets, see if a local shelter can use them.

Ahh, This Bed is So Cozy

Wash your cat’s bedding regularly to eliminate bacteria, dust, and fur. Use pet-friendly detergent. Make sure to dry their bedding completely to prevent mold.

Give your couch a good cleanse. Rent a portable pet-friendly cleaner to deep clean their favorite napping spots around your home.

How Can One Cat Shed So Much?!

Spring is grooming season for your cat. As the days get warmer, they shed their winter coat—all over the place. Regular brushing, occasional baths if your vet recommends it, and a visit to a professional groomer if needed.

Look For Signs of Mischief

Check your home for any signs of scratches, stains, or damage caused by your mischievous cat. Repair or paint over scratches on furniture and walls and consider cat-friendly deterrents.

Why Do They Always Barf on the Rug?

If you have carpets, chances are your cat has made a mess of them. Not on purpose, of course. Deep clean carpets to eliminate pet hair, dander, and any mishaps. Use pet-safe carpet cleaners or if you need to, hire professionals.

It Doesn’t Smell Like You Have a Cat in Here!

Change air filters regularly to combat pet-related allergens. Go for pet-specific air purifiers for cleaner indoor air. This can also help combat allergies if you happen to be allergic to your feline sidekick. Regularly cleaning your cat’s litter box is another way to keep strong smells out of the air (plus, it makes for a better potty experience for your discerning feline).

Let’s Get These Toys Organized

Get creative and find cute and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for your cat’s toys. Use baskets or bins to keep everything in order. Be sure to swap out what toys are available because they can get bored with the same few toys. Keep it fun for them!

If you want to get creative, find decorative bins that fit your décor. If you’re small-space-living, utilize wall-mounted shelves for organizing your cat’s things. Speaking of storage, airtight containers for your cat’s crunchies help keep their food fresh and easily accessible.

Just Some Admin Stuff

If your cat is microchipped, log in to their portal to make sure all relevant information is up to date. If they haven’t been to the vet in the past year, make an appointment for a check-up and vaccines.

Toy and Bowl TLC

Deep clean your cat’s toys and bowls regularly to prevent the spread of germs. Soak them in warm, soapy water or run them through the dishwasher.

Cleaning the home you share with your cat doesn’t have to be daunting. Creating cat-free zones while you clean and opting for cat-safe products can help make it less stressful for both of you. Maintaining a clean home regularly is crucial for kitty’s happiness. Incorporate these cat-friendly tips into your weekly cleaning routine, and you’ll enjoy a clean and organized home all year. Happy spring—and happy cleaning!

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