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Category: Cat Health

cat eating grass from indoor box with pet parent in background

Why do cats eat grass?

Grass Is Good For Cats If you’re like many cat owners, you may have noticed your feline munching on grass blades in the yard. No, your pet is not going vegan—per se. But is it a cause for concern?  In...
kitten lapping up milk from dish

Can cats drink milk?

These days our cats are almost like another set of kids, but unlike children, the foods that are good for us aren’t always best for felines. To help you make more informed choices about the foods they eat, we thought...
cat receiving liquid medication

How to give a cat liquid medicine

Administering Liquid Medicine It’s nerve-racking when your furry friend falls ill, whether it be an infection or inflammation, and nursing them back to health shouldn’t add to the stress. When the veterinarian recommends liquid medication as a treatment, it can...
vet communicating with pet parent of cat

Communicating with your veterinarian

How To Talk To Your Vet Q: I recently took my cat, Whiskers, to the veterinarian for a medical problem. The vet examined him and prescribed medication, but he didn't explain much.  Whiskers is fine now, but I am frustrated...
Overweight gray cat walking outside

The high cost of cat diabetes

Feline diabetes affects about 1 in 200 cats (0.5-1.0% of the total cat population), and represents a growing concern among pet owners. According to a study conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital, the incidence of feline diabetes increased by an alarming...
cat coughing and sneezing

Is Your Cat Coughing and Sneezing?

Uncover a few underlying causes, and learn when to seek help. If your cat is like many others, they are known for hiding that they are sick. Cats, like humans, sneeze in response to an irritation in their nasal passages,...
common cat diseases

Top 5 common cat diseases

The Truth About Cat Health Cats are very good at hiding their illness, which is why it is so important that we take cat health and cat wellness very seriously. The problem is that many cats don’t get their routine...
cat broken hip

How do I know if my cat has a broken hip?

If you have noticed that your favorite furry friend isn’t acting quite the same—whether it be a limp in their gait, a change in their eating habits, or they have exhibited a new set of behaviors, it’s likely something is...

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