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How to Date Someone Your Cat Won’t Hate

Man and woman embrace with cat in their arms

Discover how to attract fellow cat lovers in the wild with our guide. Learn the secrets to crafting a swipe-worthy dating profile, gaging cat/date compatibility, and ultimately find your cat-enthused match.

In the modern dating scene, cat parents face a unique challenge: finding someone who not only steals their heart but also gets a paw of approval from their whiskered partner in crime. If you’re a cat mom or dad, you know that winning your cat’s affection is no less important than winning your heart. So, let’s talk about how to find that special someone who can charm both you and your discerning kitty.

Cat Lover Seeking Same: Optimize Your App

If you’re a cat lover looking to find your match on dating apps, we’ve got the insider scoop to help you fine-tune your profile. But before we dive into the tips, let’s pounce on a fascinating tidbit: featuring your feline friend in your profile pictures can significantly boost your dating desirability. It turns out that pet owners are often perceived as more reliable and caring.

Samantha Ross, editor at Romantific, sheds some light on this phenomenon: ‘Men, in particular, can be seen as committed and trustworthy when they are seen with a pet… Having a pet also assures a potential partner that you are capable of taking care of another creature.” It’s like saying, hey, if I can look after this animal, I can be a dependable partner, too!

So, now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag on why including your pet in your profile is a good move, are you ready to sharpen your claws and start swiping?

Crafting a Persuasive Bio

  • Express Your Love for Cats: Clearly mention your passion for cats in your bio. Phrases like “Proud cat parent” or “Cat person for life” can be both engaging and direct. If you’re proud, show it off!
  • Share Cat-Related Interests: Mention any cat-related activities you enjoy, such as volunteering at animal shelters, checking out new cat cafes, and thinking about toe beans.
  • Humor and Personality: Add a touch of humor or a witty remark about cats. For example, “Future crazy cat lady” or “ISO a partner in crime to binge cat videos with.”

Nail the First Impression

  • Photos with Your Cat: Include some of your favorite photos with your cat. This not only shows off your bond but also that you’re a caring pet parent. Props encouraged.
  • Showcase Your Lifestyle: Have pictures that reflect your lifestyle and how a cat is a part of it. For example, reading with your cat, playing with them, or a photo of the vase they shattered rearranging your living room table. #catlife.
  • Avoid Overdoing It: Balance your cat pictures with photos of yourself engaging in other interests and hobbies to give a well-rounded view of who you are. While our cats may be our whole world, it’s important to let others in on this fact *slowly* so as not to scare them. Once they’re fully smitten, it’s time to let your feline flag fly. Just kidding… kind of.

Spotting a Fellow Feline Fanatic on Dating Apps

  • Cat-Inclusive Language: Look for mentions of cats or pets in their bio. Phrases like “cat lover,” “feline enthusiast,” or mentions of having cats can be indicators.
  • Pictures with Cats: Profiles with photos featuring cats are a good sign. It shows they either own a cat or are comfortable around them. Maybe they’re a cat aunt or uncle and are looking for a regal cat son of their own!
  • Shared Interests: Beyond just loving cats, look for shared interests that can form the basis of a connection. Mutual hobbies, values, and lifestyle preferences are important.
  • Engagement in Conversations: When chatting, see how they respond to your cat-centric lifestyle. Are they enthusiastic about your stories or photos of your cat? This can be a good indicator of compatibility. If they happen to give your cat a nickname prior to meeting, well that’s even better.

Shared Interests

Finding common ground goes beyond just a mutual love for cats. Ensure your potential partner shares your interests and values, especially when it comes to pet parenting.

  • Common Ground: Beyond a shared love for cats, look for someone with compatible interests and values. After all, you want a partner, not just a cat sitter.
  • Pet Parenting Style: Discuss your views on pet care. It’s important that your date respects your approach to feeding, grooming, and health care.

Additional Tips:

  • Be Authentic: It’s important to be genuine in your portrayal. Authenticity attracts like-minded individuals.
  • Use Cat-Themed Prompts: If the dating app offers prompts or questions, answer with something cat-related or use it to show your sense of humor or personality related to cats.
  • Safety First: When meeting someone new, always prioritize safety, and consider meeting for the first few times in public spaces.

By following these tips, you can effectively tailor your dating profile to attract a date your cat won’t hate and potentially find a match who shares your enthusiasm.

The Cat Test

So now that you’ve swiped on some potential cat moms or dads, how do you start the introduction? Dating with a cat means their approval matters. How your date interacts with your cat can give important insights into their character and compatibility with your feline-focused lifestyle.

  • Observe the Introduction: The first meeting between your cat and your date can be quite telling. Look for patience, genuine interest, and a calm demeanor in your date. Maybe have them harness the power of some catnip, too?
  • Respect for Boundaries: Just like in human relationships, respecting boundaries is key. A good match will understand if you kitty isn’t ready to be BFFs right away. Plus, a person who understands and respects your cat’s space is likely to be considerate in other areas of the relationship too.

Activities for Three

Why not incorporate your cat into your dating activities? Here are some cat-friendly date ideas to help you and your potential partner bond with your feline friend.

  • Home Movie Nights: Instead of a night out, why not a cozy movie night in where your cat can join the cuddle puddle? Creating a relaxing environment will help your pet relax even around a new person.
  • Cats and Crafts: Engage in activities at home where your cat can participate or observe, like crafting or cooking.

When Things Get Serious: Integrating (All Nine) Lives

If your relationship is getting serious, it’s important to consider how to blend your lives in a way that’s comfortable for your cat.

  • Slow and Steady: If your relationship progresses, remember to take it slow when integrating your lives. Cats can be sensitive to big changes.
  • Creating Cat-Friendly Spaces: Show your partner how to create spaces in your home that are comfortable for your cat. Slowly begin to split responsibilities if you plan to share care of your kitty.

Red Flags and Deal Breakers

It’s vital to recognize when certain behaviors towards your cat could be red flags in your relationship. Your cat’s well-being is non-negotiable.

  • Watch for Red Flags: Disrespectful behavior towards your cat is a clear red flag. Your cat’s comfort and well-being should never be compromised. And like, what’s cute about someone who makes your pet upset?
  • Deal Breakers: Set clear deal breakers when it comes to your cat’s treatment. It’s important to be on the same page about your cat’s role in your life.

Must Love Cats

Dating as a cat parent comes with its unique set of challenges, but it’s also an opportunity to find someone who truly fits into your – and your cat’s – life. Remember, the right partner will understand that winning over your cat is part of winning over you. So, here’s to finding love that makes both human and feline hearts purr!

Author’s Note: While it’s important to consider your cat’s feelings, ensure that any new relationship is healthy and fulfilling for you too. It’s all about finding that beautiful balance where everyone, including your beloved cat, feels comfortable and happy.


By Lizz Caputo

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