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10 Must-Have Gifts for Cat Lovers

man in white shirt hugging orange cat

Gift-giving is an art form, especially when it comes to those who share their lives with a whiskered companion. It’s not just about the act of giving but finding that perfect something that captures the essence of cat parenthood. This guide isn’t your run-of-the-mill list; it’s a carefully curated selection of gifts that resonate with the unique bond between a cat parent and their little lion.

Gift Selection Criteria

Cats are picky, and you should be, too! In our quest to curate the ideal gifts, we’ve considered many different angles and options to impress cats and their people. Each item on our list has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure that behind every gift, there’s a deeper appreciation of the way we integrate our feline friends into our daily lives.

Top 10 Gifts for Cat People:

1. Customized Cat Portraits

cat portrait from etsy in hallway

There’s something truly special about personalized art that captures the spirit and essence of our little lions. Whether rendered in oil on canvas or as a whimsical digital caricature, these portraits offer a unique way to immortalize the love between cat parents and their graceful companions. We’re pretty obsessed with these “bad” pet portraits from Etsy.

2. Interactive Cat Toys

cat playing with cat spinner interactive toy











Keeping your frisky feline both mentally and physically stimulated is crucial for their well-being. The market is full of engaging toys designed to challenge and entertain, from puzzle feeders that tickle their intellect to laser toys that get them moving. Your cat will be dizzy with delight from these interactive cat spinner toys by Happy and Polly.

3. Cat-Themed Home Décor

cat in globe cat bed

For those who appreciate a stylish living space, cat-themed home décor items offer a tasteful nod to their feline affections. With a range of designs from sleek and modern to whimsically charming, there’s something to match every interior design aesthetic. Most of all, these chic products help your space become more cat-inclusive, so they feel at home without any sacrifice to design. Tuft & Paw is our favorite one-stop shop for cool cat home finds like the Stellar Cat Bed (pictured).

4. Subscription to Cat Magazines or Books

modern cat magazine

Knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving. A subscription to cat-centric magazines or a selection of books about cats can provide endless entertainment, useful advice, and connection to the wider cat-loving community. Check out Modern Cat for a great option for your feline-forward friend.

5. Fashionable Cat-Inspired Apparel

person in cat person hoodie holding cat in a cat hoodie

Fashion meets feline with trendy accessories and apparel that (not so subtly) celebrate our love for cats. Being a “crazy cat lady” is cooler than ever, and we’re here for it! Show off your feline obsession and wear your heart on your sleeves—quite literally. When it comes to fashion, nobody does it better than Cat Person with their matching hoodies.

6. Gourmet Cat Treats and Goodies

three colorful bags of smalls cat food for cats

For the discerning palates of our feline friends, gourmet food and treats offer a taste of luxury. These high-quality snacks, crafted from healthy ingredients, are a way to pamper pets while ensuring they’re nourished and satisfied. How cool would it be to get your feline-loving friend a customized, gourmet cat food subscription, like human-grade cat food brand Smalls?

7. Cat-Savvy Tech Gadgets

woman standing next to litter robot with Siamese cat inside

In today’s digital era, cat-centric tech gadgets beautifully blend aesthetic appeal with practical use. Imagine gifting a Litter Robot to a friend—talk about generosity! You’re not just gifting a gadget; you’re giving them freedom from ever having to scoop kitty litter again. Now, how does one sign up to be your BFF?

8. Cat Planters for Green-Thumbed Owners

Siamese cat eating from cat planter with cat grass

Marrying the love for botany and felines, cat-forward planters are the ideal gift for those who nurture plants and pets with equal fervor. Pairing one of these futuristic Catit cat grass planters with seeds and a cute spray bottle can transform any space into a green, serene kitty haven.

9. Cat-Inspired Kitchen Goods

cocktail glass with gold cat engraving

Nothing says “I live with a cat” quite like keeping them close while you enjoy a cocktail or juice. For the feline-loving mixed drink connoisseur, consider these fun and stylish rocks glasses. Your friend will have a caboodle of kittens watching them with every sip.

10. Retro Cat Motel Keychain

cat mom's club retro motel keyring

If you’re searching for a groovy gift for someone who always has cats on the brain, look no further. Retro motel keychains are trendy and practical, plus easy on your wallet. And nothing says “the key to my heart is through my cat” quite like these Cat Mom’s Club keyrings from Etsy.

Cats Deserve Something Cool

Cats may have a knack for presenting their owners with unexpected tokens, but it’s time we flip the script. Your cat-loving friends and their fab felines are worthy of some delightful surprises too. From artistic tributes to interactive play, cozy home accents, and gourmet treats, these gifts are more than just items—they’re a way to deepen the connection with our whiskered copilots. Here’s to gifting them with the unexpected and the extraordinary.


By Lizz Caputo

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