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Solo Traveler? Explore the World With Your Adventure Cat

man looking out on mountain range, hiking with cat on his shoulder

For many solo travelers, the allure of the unknown compels us to pack our bags and explore the wide, wild world. But for those of us who’ve found companionship not just in fellow humans but in the fiercely independent yet undeniably affectionate spirits of our feline friends, the call to adventure doesn’t mean leaving all aspects of home behind. Instead, it’s an invitation to explore the globe with our adventure cats by our sides.

Embarking on a Journey Together

Traveling with a cat might initially seem as compatible as oil and water. Yet, those who have shared a silent sunrise over the Sahara or a misty morning in the Scottish Highlands with their cat know better. These moments of connection, free from the constraints of everyday life, deepen our bond with our feline companions in ways only the road less traveled can.

Preparation is Key

Venturing into the unknown with a cat requires more than a whimsical desire for companionship. It demands meticulous planning and a deep understanding of your cat’s needs, temperament, and well-being.

Embarking on a global trek with your cat requires thorough preparation, transforming potential stress into seamless harmony. Here’s how to start:

Gradual Acclimatization

Short trips can help your cat become accustomed to travel, easing them into longer journeys with less anxiety. Try brief adventures to the nearby café or park, gradually extending the distance and duration as their comfort level grows.

Travel Kit Essentials

  • A sturdy, well-ventilated carrier or a cat backpack for exploration.
  • Familiar toys and a blanket to offer comfort away from home.
  • Water, food, and portable litter solutions for basic needs on the go.
  • A steadfast routine that mimics the rhythm of home life as closely as possible.

Health and Documentation

  • Ensure vaccinations are up-to-date and carry a pet passport for international travel.
  • A microchip and a collar with an ID tag add an extra layer of security.
  • Consider a pet insurance plan so you’re covered in case your cat sustains an injury or contracts an illness while adventuring.

Assessing Your Cat’s Travel Suitability

Not every cat is cut out for the nomadic lifestyle. To gauge if your cat might be a budding adventure seeker, consider the following:

  • Temperament: Cats that are adaptable, curious, and confident often make the best travel companions.
  • Health: Strong, healthy cats are more suited to the rigors of travel. Consult with a veterinarian to ensure your cat is fit for the journey.
  • Behavior: A cat that responds well to leash training and shows an interest in the outdoors may have the makings of an adventure cat.

Choosing Your Destinations Wisely

Not all destinations are created equal in the eyes of a traveling cat and their human. Cities like Tokyo, with its cat cafés and pet-friendly public transport, offer an urban adventure that respects the needs of our discerning felines. Meanwhile, the vast landscapes of New Zealand, with its strict biosecurity laws, might pose a challenge yet reward the diligent traveler with its unparalleled natural beauty.

Selecting accommodations is an exercise in scrutiny; pet-friendly hotels are a must, but look further for those that offer additional comforts like secure balconies or garden access, allowing your cat to safely explore the new environment under your watchful eye.

Scouting Pet-Friendly Stays

The rise in pet-friendly accommodations has made it easier than ever to explore with your cat. Here’s how to secure the perfect stay:

  • Research: Utilize pet-friendly booking platforms or filter searches on popular sites like Airbnb for accommodations that welcome cats.
  • Read Reviews: Look for mentions of pets in reviews to gauge how truly pet-friendly the stay is.
  • Communicate: Always confirm with hosts about their pet policies to avoid any surprises.

Navigating the Logistics of Transport

Moving from point A to point B with a cat involves more than just a carrier. Consider these aspects to ensure a smooth journey and if you’re mainly a road-tripper, check out our full guide to Traveling in Cars with Cats:

  • Carriers and Backpacks: Choose a carrier that is secure, comfortable, and airline-approved if flying. For day trips, a cat backpack with a window can be a great way to let your cat see the world safely.
  • Managing Anxiety: Consult with a vet about anti-anxiety medications or natural remedies to ease travel stress for sensitive cats.
  • Routine Stops: Plan for regular breaks on long journeys to allow your cat to stretch, hydrate, and use the litter box.

Paws and Pit Stops

Traveling solo with an adventure cat isn’t merely about the places you’ll go; it’s about the unspoken bond that develops when you invite your cat along to share a lifestyle. A reminder that home isn’t tied to a place, but found in the presence of those we love, be it two-legged (or four-pawed) companions. Travel on!


By Lizz Caputo

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