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Dr. Lee Pickett | Felix Guest Blogger

Author: Dr. Lee Pickett | Felix Guest Blogger

Lee Pickett, VMD, practices companion animal medicine in North Carolina. Contact her at Copyright 2023 Dr. Lee Pickett and distributed by

vet communicating with pet parent of cat

Communicating with your veterinarian

Q: I recently took my cat, Whiskers, to the veterinarian for a medical problem. The vet examined him and prescribed medication, but he didn't explain much.  Whiskers is fine now, but I am frustrated with the poor communication. How should...
elderly pet parents with cat on couch

Helping elderly pet parent with cat care

Q: My elderly mother, who lives on her own nearby, has a cat named Emmy whom she adores. My mother is getting a little forgetful, and her balance is worsening. How can I help her with Emmy, or should I...

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