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Devon Rex Cat Using Portable Closed Litter Box at Home.

Tofu Cat Litter Is the Hottest Eco-Friendly Trend

In an age where being green is trendier than ever, pet parents are sniffing around for the best eco-friendly products. Tofu cat litter is the latest player to strut onto the pet care scene, but is it just a flash...
Portrait of a beautiful female artist painting in her studio with a cat in her lap

Make “Cat Lady” Cool: Unpacking Tropes and Stereotypes

In the collective imagination, few characters are as vividly sketched and widely recognized as the "cat lady."—a woman defined by her surplus of cats and lack of human companionship. Far from being a modern invention, this archetype has roots that...
Frightened, the little cat hid under the table, she sat down on a chair and looks curiously to one side. Close-up.

Is Your Feline Freaked? Decoding Cat Stress Signals

At Felix, understanding your whiskered friend goes beyond the purrs and cuddles. We’re diving into a topic that often leaves even the most seasoned cat parents scratching their heads—cat stress. Yes, your zen-looking kitty can experience stress, and it's more...
Cat playing with boxes and toys

Why Does Your Cat Crave Their Own Space?

Ever noticed how your cat seems to have a PhD in finding the highest spot in the room or the coziest hidden nook? Well, it turns out there's more to their quirky hide-and-seek games than just cat whimsy. Beyond their...
Millennial man cuddling with tabby cat outdoors

Boost Your Cat’s Bliss: The Catio Effect

You’re a cat parent, right? And we both know that means you're part of a special club where the membership fee is unconditional love for your feline overlord. Of course, they adore you equally, but let's keep it real for...
man in white shirt hugging orange cat

10 Must-Have Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gift-giving is an art form, especially when it comes to those who share their lives with a whiskered companion. It's not just about the act of giving but finding that perfect something that captures the essence of cat parenthood. This...

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